Wednesday, November 30, 2011

EPS TOPIK Test Result in Sri-Lanka

The list of  EPS-TOPIK Passers of Sri-Lanka from HRD Korea. Passers shall submit job application form and requirements to SLBFE.

The individual result(not only passers but also failure) of EPS-TOPIK is also to be noticed on the EPS website ( in English version and in local language version)
EPS  TOPIK result download
EPS TOPIK result 2012:
  • 2012-12-13: 1st Special EPS-TOPIK passers in Sri-Lanka
  • 2012-10-24: 10th EPS-TOPIK passers in Sri-Lanka

EPS TOPIK result 2011:
  • 2011-10-28: 9th EPS-TOPIK passers in Sri-Lanka
  • 2011-11-23: The additional passer's list of Sri-Lanka (fishing)